2016 Critical Home Repair Projects

Carol in Newport needed to remove a chimney which was causing her problems. Our crew carefully took down her chimney, block-by-block, and repaired her roof and siding.

Bonnie in Lyndonville needed a very small interior ramp to get into her shower. We used surplus material; no charge.

Cheri in West Burke needed siding on the back wall of her house to match the siding on the other three sides. Carefully removing a collection of number plates which had served as partial siding, the crew installed the new siding and had enough left over to do a dormer.

Elizabeth in Barton was losing her porch as it settled into the ground. Our crew jacked up the porch, replaced some supports and installed concrete bases, and replaced some floor boards.

Lisa in Sutton needed some new, energy saving windows in her trailer. We replaced seven windows.

Janice in Lyndonville takes in people in need of care.

She needed a ramp to be able to welcome Barbara. Habitat constructed a ramp with funding from the Vermont Center for Independent Living.

Eugene and Mable in Derby live in a small two-unit trailer park on land which they rent. Working with the owner, Habitat built an extensive ramp with funding from the Vermont Center for Independent Living.

Victoria in Barnet needed a new roof. The Habitat committee suggested a new, green metal roof over her existing shingles.

Betty in Barton needed several repairs on her residence.Bob, Roland, Ron and Bruce met at Betty’s residence and helped by Kevin accomplished a considerable amount. We removed and retired a very tired sliding glass door and replaced it with an energy star double hung window. We also sealed and patched problem areas of the roof, hopefully successfully. We sanded joint compound and installed inside trim on the window.John and Kelly showed up at noon with a gastronomic extravaganza for our lunch. All in all, a successful day. We’ll be back in the spring to repair/replace some windows.

Lisa in Albany is age 70 and not able to get around well, had leaky pipes in 1-2 places and water on her floor. She called plumbers and others, including the guy who built her log cabin. He assessed the problem but couldn’t give her the time needed to repair it. Lisa tried everyone she could think of to get help, but with no success whatsoever. When she called us, Lisa had been without water for weeks, her shower control leaked, her kitchen faucet leaked so badly she had to shut it off altogether, and both toilets leaked. A truly desperate woman and a perfect plumbing storm.

Our NEK Habitat team arrived and in the course of a few hours the line to the spring was purged and water was flowing freely to the house, the bathroom lavatory had its screen cleaned, the downstairs toilet had a part replaced and no longer leaked, the shower was operational, and Lisa was happy and relieved. She could at last shower, wash clothes, even flush the toilet without filling it with a bucket first.

Thanks to these folks who volunteered at our Critical Home Repair sites:

Art Brooks, Bob Gondar, Bonnie Shattuck, Bruce Starbuck – Project Coordinator, Dan Prue, Dan Swainbank, Dave Stauffer, Donna Gaston, Eileen Rossetti, Gerry Coulombe, Howard Gaston, James McQuillen, Jim Stauffer, Mark Maghini, Paul Cranmer, Rick Stodola.

Thanks to these folks who provided lunches:

Anne Brooks, Bonnie Dasher-Andersen, Dan Swainbank – Lunch Coordinator, Elaine Pacholek, Henretta Splain, John and Kelly Sorrell, Liz Prue, Marte Rhodes


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