Why Donate?

How important is it to you to have a home that’s safe, secure, warm,  and welcoming, around which to build your family’s life and to which you can reliably return at the end of your day out in the world?

For too many people in the Northeast Kingdom, such a home and sanctuary simply does not exist.

Here are a few of the requests for help that we received during 2016:

  • A woman in Lyndonville needs a new roof for her trailer.
  • A single mother with four children needs repairs to her home in Derby to make it safe and healthy.
  • A couple in West Danville needs storm windows and repairs to their stairs and deck.
  • A couple in Lowell want to move out of a trailer and into a small home on their property, but the home needs a lot of work.
  • A recent amputee needs a ramp into his mobile home.
  • A man living in a trailer needs a safe second exit.

Some of these requests we were able to respond to, others we were not.

A safe, warm, and comfortable place to live is as important to those who don’t now enjoy this blessing as it is to you.

Help us help your neighbors.

Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity in the Northeast Kingdom was founded in its present form in 2008. Our mission is to put the skills and good will of concerned people to work in addressing these heartbreaking housing problems. In the nine years of our existence we have helped build two single-family homes, and we have aided 82 families with repairs and improvements to existing homes through our Critical Home Repair small projects program.

We have gathered a core group of faithful, skilled and willing workers who donate time, tools, and treasure to complete projects in the Northeast Kingdom. We have both volunteers and professionals; now we need to provide them with the resources to work more efficiently and to do more.

We invite you to support our work with your financial gift. Contact us by email or call us at (802) 751-1212.

Join Our Mailing List

NEK Habitat holds its annual appeal in the late fall every year. Throughout the year, we also hold several fundraisers. To get on the mailing list for our newsletter, write to us at NEK Habitat, 459 Portland Street, Suite 2, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819 or email us.

Corporate Sponsors

NEK Habitat has developed corporate relationships with a number of local businesses. In the past, they have underwritten a particular program in our organization, such as our outreach and publicity program, and our tool program. Occasionally a local business will adopt a specific renovation project, providing funds and volunteers. In addition, local professionals in the building trades and building supplies business donate time and materials at no or reduced cost. To talk to us about our corporate support program, contact Patricia Janssen at (802) 751-1212 or email us.