Critical Home Repair

Critical Home Repair [formerly A Brush with Kindness] is Habitat for Humanity’s name for its program for small repairs to existing homes. Habitat is encouraging affiliates to add repair, winterization, painting, clean up, and landscaping to their traditional roles in building new single-family homes.

Here in the Northeast Kingdom, Critical Home Repair seems to fulfill a crying need for assistance to families who own homes but cannot keep them up, especially in the current economic climate. Trailers and other manufactured homes need new roofs, better insulation and strong, level stairs and ramps. Old farmhouses need better insulation, weatherization, repairs, and waterproofing. Well-built, adequate homes need to be retrofitted for handicapped access. NEK Habitat is currently collaborating with several agencies including the Vermont Center for Independent Living to retrofit such homes.

To qualify, homeowners must have income less than 70% of the county median income, be currently living in substandard housing, must be willing to contribute “sweat equity” in some form, and be willing and able to repay the loan in small payments over time.

To apply or inquire, call (802) 751-1212, or write to NEK Habitat, 459 Portland Street, Suite 2, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819, or email us at

You can also download the following:

2018 Application Cover Letter

2018 Critical Home Repair Application

2018 Credit Application