Resale Store – New Location & New Hours

The ReSale Store is now located in the Green Mountain Mall.  Our hours are 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We have lots of new merchandise – come in and visit!

Directions:  If you are coming from the South via I-91, use Exit 22 and turn right; coming from the North via I-91, also use Exit 22, and turn left.  Drive down the hill to the traffic light.  Turn left onto Memorial Drive and drive to the Green Mountain Mall on your right.  Use the entrance next to JC Penneys. The ReSale store is next to the Sears store.

Call us at 802-751-1212 or email 

March 2013 NEK Habitat Resale Store Update

We launched 2013 with a modestly ambitious budget, and plans to improve the store and bolster our volunteer base. Significantly, we’ve already seen our monthly budget goals being met for both January and February. One of the first decisions the ReSale Store Committee made after opening was to enter into an agreement with our Habitat counterpart in Littleton for the purpose of acquiring new inventory as it is discarded by Lowe’s or Home Dept. In 2012, the Habitat for Humanity Ammonoosuc Region and its volunteers proved to be a great partner in this important need, and their deliveries helped improve our inventory. In 2013, this has continued to be a mutually beneficial partnership with desirable merchandise being delivered to us as often as possible. Thank you to Chuck McLure and his great crew!

This month, we’ve added a new Assistant Manager, Bonnie Jenks. Bonnie joins Julia Edwards in supporting the management of the store.In addition, we’ve purchased a new cash register and software to help us track our business and produce helpful financial reports.  In the next two months, we plan to add new shelving as we rearrange the space to better serve our purposes and our customers.

We, of course, could not have conducted this important mission without the many volunteers who have helped. Since the beginning of 2013, these volunteers include: Beth Williams, Bob Nixon, Bob Swartz, Bonnie Dasher-Andersen, Bonnie Jenks, Dan Swainbank, Dinah Yessne, Jean McClure, Jenn Nixon, Julia Edwards, Karen Lawson, Mary Barlow, Mary Swainbank, Patricia Janssen, Susan Aiken, Ted Merchant, and Tim Ide.

If you are interested in volunteering at the ReSale Store, please contact Patricia Janssen at either 802-751-1212 or Come help us revitalize neighborhoods, assist homeowners with small repairs, and build new homes!

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